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Fire Prevention

Learn not to burn.

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It's 4:00am and your smoke alarm goes off. What happens next?
This page is designed to help you know what to do in the event that there is a fire.

What is a Fire?

No Excuse Smoke Detector Policy

The residents of the Village of Irondale and surrounding communities have NO EXCUSE for not having a working smoke detector in their home. Our department implemented a program in 1995 in which if you can not afford a detector we will give you one, if you can not install it we will send somebody out to put it up, and if you can not change the battery we will come out and replace it for you. Since 1995 we have put up nearly 1500 smoke detectors which we buy from our local Sams Club. Since 1995 there have been many documented cases in which the program has paid off and saved lives. So you see you can't afford to stay home without one, and there is truly No Excuse for not having a working smoke detector. For more information contact the fire dept 330-532-4190 or any fire dept member.

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Oct 5-11 2008


Every year the week of October 9th is Fire Prevention Week.
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A fire can happen at any time. What is learned needs to be followed all the time.

Fire prevention is the job of EVERYONE

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